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Just Be

May 19, 2017

My apologies for forgetting that today is Friday. I hope you find this as interesting as I did. May you have a blessed day. ~ Connie

Life Within Him

I used to work so hard at all the things I thought Christians were supposed to do. I lost my identity as a son and began to try and please God instead of understanding that He’s already pleased with me.

It’s easy to suddenly discover a calling or gift, and it becomes our identity. We might not even realize it at first. The enemy is sneaky like that.

If our identity slowly becomes what we do and not from our right standing with the Father, everything gets jacked up.

Just be.

Have you ever read the first part of Matthew 5? It’s the beatitudes, not the do-attitudes. When we say “yes” and surrender, we start to be transformed back into His image, and we become those things. We don’t have to try and act like them.

Jesus said for those who are weary and worn down by life…

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