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May 19, 2017

Maybe this is something more of us need to do. I’ve been getting rid of things for a few years now. Unfortunately, I’m too slow about it to make much of a difference. I grew up poor and learned to hang onto things. Currently, I’m clearing out books. I’ve already taken two boxes to the library and have another one ready to go. ~ Connie

Life Unscripted

When I was younger, and a bit of a speed demon, I not only liked driving fast I also liked seeing how far I could coast.  I know you’re not supposed to do it, but I used to kick my VW (back in days when you didn’t worry about what “model” VW you had because there were only “Bugs” and “Kombi’s”) out of gear and see how far I could coast.

More often than not I did it as we approached a stop light.  I’d try to gauge how far we were from the light when it turned red and kick it out of gear and coast so we were still going at a safe speed when it turned green.  Of course that was in the days when there was significantly less traffic than today!

I always liked the idea of coasting.  If you read yesterday’s blog about waiting you…

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