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A Whisper of Prayer

May 11, 2017

May you feel God’s love
In your time of trial
May you feel God’s healing
In just a little while

While heaven is God’s home
He’s in our hearts too
Keep Him close with prayer
Remember he loves you

Pretty flowers are nice
So is a phone call and a card
Keep God near with prayer
And Life doesn’t seem so hard

God is always nearby
Barely a whisper away
He loves you dearly
And hears when you pray

This poem is for Jack’s cousin Dave who is seriously ill and needs our prayers. I asked my church to pray for Dave right after we were called about him, but I don’t think I asked my blog or Facebook friends. Also, please keep Jack in your prayers. He and Dave grew up like brothers so this is very hard on him especially since they are so far apart.

Whether it was God’s inspiration or simply my over-active mind, this popped into my head this morning. Actually, only part of one verse did. It took a little more effort to come up with the rest!
My book writing career has not taken off like I’d hoped, yet my poetry has. The funny thing is I don’t particularly like writing poetry. Some of my poems rhyme and some don’t. I have a terrible time with meter, but I understand that’s not as important as I thought. I’m beginning to like poetry now! A friend suggested I go with short stories. That had merit and I looked at my old writings. I wasn’t sure if I needed a theme or not. Oddly, ghost stories would probably be the best collection. Ah-hah! An idea is running through my head as I type… a title – Captain Merrick’s Ghost Stories. Hmm.
I decided to make a comment with my writings so I’d know the what and why that I wrote something like this poem. When I become famous or have gone completely senile, I can look at my comments and hopefully remember – maybe even enjoy a laugh.
For those who are curious, this is the verse I didn’t include:
keep God close
always in your heart
let Him share His peace
from the very start
I decided not to throw it away in case I could use if for something else. All I have to do then is remember where I filed it!
I believe in the power of prayer and know that God does answer our prayers.

Sorry about the rambling. It’s nearly noon and I haven’t taken my morning medications since I got sidetracked with writing the poem and doing this post. Thanks for listening. My love to all. ~ Connie

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  1. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Dave. The poem was absolutely lovely!

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