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Becoming a Writer in Your 40s, 50s, and Beyond

May 9, 2017

Wonderful article! I guess I like it so much since I’m one of those “over 60” writers. ~ Connie

A Writer's Path

hands elderly

by Lauren Sapala

Age can be a touchy topic for artists of all types. There’s a glamorous myth that says all the geniuses come into their talent at a young age, and by the time they’re 30 they have already reached astonishing heights of prowess.

But like so many other sexy tales that figure into writing mythology, this one has little basis in fact.

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  1. Hi. Thanks for the ‘like’ on one of my recent posts. This reblog of yours was interesting; I seem to fit into the third category. I wrote to earn my living for most of my working life but only began so-called ‘creative writing’ two years ago, at 75 but had begun blogging three years earlier. I have no great aspirations, I just write now for ‘fun’.

    • What kind of writing did you do to earn a living? I guess I could go look at your bio, but most bloggers often don’t have much there.
      I wrote a novel about 30 years ago. Bad thing was that I never did anything with it. After I retired I wrote a new book & self-published it. It was a disaster. My second novel is being edited and I’m working on revising the one I wrote ages ago. Also, I am going to make a few changes to the first book and republish it with someone that knows what they’re doing. In the meantime, I blog and occasionally write for a local magazine. I did aspire to become a well-known author, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. I guess having fun is what’s most important. We shouldn’t give up – wasn’t Grandma Moses 99 when she became famous for her painting?

      • Well my ‘about’ is now three ‘chapters’ so I’m not one of the bloggers who doesn’t “have much there”. First I was a full time journalist for about 10 years. Then I went into PR so was writing features for clients, Press releases, etc. I then set up an advertising agency so added in writing advertising copy. Later I went freelance writing both commissioned and uncommissioned features for various magazines. In around 2000 I was managing editor of a ‘street paper’ in Romania, writing a lot a feature material for that. As I said, apart from the odd haiku, a form I really like, I was just writing on my blog until I became a founder member of a local writers’ club two years ago where we are given a theme to write to for the next meeting. Until recently I was known for usually writing very short pieces – haiku, tanka and 75 or 100 word ‘short stories’. About a month ago I had a brain storm and started a short story which now falls into the category of a novella, currently about 23,000 words and I reckon it will finish at about 30,000. I can’t imagine writing a novel but anything is possible.
        Certainly for me it is just the enjoyment of writing and, through blogging, chatting to other writers and would-be writers around the world (or, because I don’t have any particular theme for the blog, chatting to other bloggers who may be cooks, classic car enthusiasts of share any of my other interests, eg music). Oh, and having had some serious health problems in the recent past I’ve found myself blogging about that. As my strap line says, “A view from Yorkshire, about anything”.
        I do hope your publishing efforts bear fruit. It must be nice to see your efforts in book form and, who knows, fame may come!

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