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Va (Bah!) Spanish for Beginners. The verb IR : To go

May 7, 2017

I took Spanish and French in high school, but never used them after graduation. ASL would have been more helpful. ~ Connie

Speak Out in Spanish!

Author’s note: I’m so excited to have been able to add audio files to this article.

Read on and  listen below to how real Spanish people speak  real Spanish!

The white lace curtains are twitching in ‘suburbia’.

window_4_by_carroll_jones_iii White lace curtains…Photo Credit We’re all wanting to know where’s she going? With whom? For how long? When will she be back?

And so on, and so on…

Would not that be great to be able to say in Spanish?

Maybe not. You’re not a gossip peeking out from behind those lace curtains.

But you really MIGHT  need to talk about where someone goes or where they are going in Spanish at some time soon.

running_young_woman¿A dónde VA?  Where IS SHE GOING? Photo Credit To revise the verb  IR : TO GO, take a quick look at a previous post of the First Person Singular of IR : ‘VOY’ :…

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  1. Thank you quirkywriter for reblogging my post!
    Regards. Marie.

    • You’re welcome. One of my sisters enjoys learning other languages. She does it to help keep her mind sharp. Thank you for the follow. ~ Connie

      • Hi Connie,
        I’m trying to promote that idea of the benefits of language learning for the brain… something on the lines of the benefits of doing cryptic crosswords or ‘sudokus’.
        We have to keep the mind sharp!
        Regards .Marie.

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