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Faith Filled Friday: Emergency Call Out

May 5, 2017

Today I had an appointment with a podiatrist to look at my plantar’s wart. My family NP had referred me, but only the podiatrist’s name and appointment date were on my discharge sheet. The next day I called his office and explained that I had an appointment date but no time. The girl nicely said they had no referral on me. She gave me an appointment and we ended the call.
I took a copy of my medication list and medical history with me just in case they did not have that either. A gentleman was leaving the office as I arrived. The girl in the office apologized saying the doctor had an emergency call out and they did not have my phone number to call me.
“I didn’t know foot doctors had emergencies.”
“He’s assisting someone in surgery.”
That made sense. Someone could have been in an accident and needed immediate surgery to restore blood flow so they wouldn’t lose their foot. Now I felt rather stupid for my comment. Being a writer, my first thought had been what kind of emergency should I make it and what characters would be good.
On the way home I began to think about how to apply this incident to the Christian faith. I considered my original plans to talk about my anger at God and give you closure on that when I realized the two are connected.
God is there for us. I was the one who moved, as the saying goes. I had asked God for forgiveness on Monday and started having morning devotions again. Also I started talking to Him again often throughout the day. I won’t say I nag God exactly but it’s probably close. I try to include more about being thankful than constantly asking for things–help me understand this, don’t let me forget that, would you…?
God never gets called out on an emergency call where He is unavailable. Isn’t that great! He is there all the time for us – 24/7. I can’t imagine what it would be like to need God and have to check the time to see if He’s available or have an angel come by and tell me God’s busy elsewhere and she’ll add me to the list. I guess I’ll have to hang from this cliff by my toes until God’s done helping deliver that baby. He has plenty of angels to send out to do the manual labor including giving us comfort and solace.
God never puts us on hold. While the clerk was typing my info into the computer a call came in. She answered the phone and asked the caller hold. I felt bad about the person having to hold. Later I thought that I should have left the room to give her some privacy to talk to the caller. I wondered how I’d feel if God put me on hold. The wait time surely would be lengthy. How many millions of people are contacting God every second of the day? How many times have I put God on hold? Ooh, I don’t want to try to count that high!
God loves us–me and you. It’s important for us to remember that no matter how many things go wrong or right during our lifetimes, God loves us. I asked Jesus into my heart at twelve years old. He has blessed me in so many ways. I’m not rich and famous, but my life has been rich with love, friends, and interesting events.

I hope God isn’t mad about the levity I’ve used. I know He has a sense of humor.
Also please keep me in your prayers. The Tea Tree and Frankincense oils have made the wart smaller and less painful which should make surgical removal easier. I’m a bit scared of being given an injection to numb the area if he feels the need to remove the wart. The last time I was given an injection, back in 2010 or 2011, I had a seizure. I don’t want that to happen again. They’ve never been able to tell me why the seizures started nor why they stopped. I’ve learned some things that trigger my seizures–sudden pain, unexpected noise, and flashing lights. I know God has a hand in all this, but He hasn’t told me why either, at least not yet.

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