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Launching my latest book

April 23, 2017

Matthew Wright

The thing about book launches is that they don’t happen very often – not for me. I had my first one yesterday in about 15 years.

Giving a talk at Messines Bookshop during the launch. Those are copies of my book on the counter to the left…

It all went off very well. The people who turned up were a great bunch, nice to talk to, and everything went very well indeed. It was a wonderful afternoon. I even gave a short talk on the meanings of the war for New Zealand, which I made up on the spot. And there was a short Q&A afterwards on the thorny issue of the Gallipoli participation rate (we don’t actually know how many Kiwis went).

Why are they so rare for me? I’ve written plenty of books in that time (the list’s here) – but I haven’t had any ‘launches’…

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