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Living in the Past?

April 21, 2017

My Forgotten Hobby

I am not living in the past. I am just remembering the past.

Remembering is something I just can’t over with just like writing about the past.

This is an update about my P-61 Black Widow I built which someone will always remember.


It all started when I asked my readers to choose the next project. The Black Widow won hands down.

It was GP’s favorite plane…

Then I had this plan about GP’s favorite plane.

Packing the Black Widow and shipping it to GP in a box within a box.


I did not have time to take pictures on how I packed it so I asked GP to take pictures.

This is the end result.


The box


The box within the box




The Black Widow arrived safety except for a broken strut which GP repaired gingerly.


Next time on this blog…


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  1. I’ve got to tell you – I was thrilled that day I received that box – and I get to see that aircraft everyday – the thrill is still there!!

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