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Celebrating my 48th Wedding Anniversary

April 15, 2017

Forty-eight years! My husband and I both are amazed we made it this far. My sister could not find what marks the 48th wedding so we’re simply doing our thing. Jack and I had breakfast with our friend Rebecca then went shopping. We plan to have our anniversary dinner at The Farmer’s Table on April 28. This is through Greenwood Uptown Market and being prepared by chefs from the Montague Restaurant and the Inn on the Square. The food they’re using comes from our local farmers.

As promised, here is the poem I wrote for my husband. I had it enlarged and framed. It not sits on the mantle in the dining room. Jack likes it there because it’s at eye level and he can stop to read it on the way to the kitchen.

Anniversary Poem  by Connie Terpack

I don’t know his favorite color
But I do know he doesn’t like pink
Flowers are fine in a vase
But not on the bedroom sheets

He’ll take a Pepsi, not ever a Coke
Green beans or broccoli, never spinach
He eats when he likes and is a good cook
But sometimes meals can be a headache

His favorite fish is cod
Baked, breaded or fried
He won’t touch liver and onions
No matter how hard I’ve tried

A gallon of milk doesn’t last long
The coffee pot runs all day
Beer and sweet tea are also fine
A plain glass of water – no way!

We don’t go out as often as we used to
Old age is slowing us down
Because of our forgetfulness
We still make frequent trips to town

He likes hugs and kisses as much as I do
He puts up with my quirks as well
Our love has grown deeper over the years
That makes our life, ah, simply swell

The time has gone by so fast
It’s hard to believe that it’s been 48 years
Years filled with many joys and blessings
Children, family, and a few tears

As always, all my love


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  1. Congrats to you both!

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