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Faith Filled Friday: God Hit the Brakes

April 7, 2017

by Connie Terpack
I truly believe God is involved in our lives more than we realize.
Last weekend I was meeting a friend for breakfast at iHop. The entrance most everyone uses is a short but steep down hill driveway into the parking lot.
Saturday mornings are always busy and the lot is normally filled. I prefer to drive to the side of the building and park there. I came down the steep hill, planning to turn down the farther parking lane, but a car came out, effectively blocking my way. So I turned into first lane. As I reached the end a bright beam of sunlight glared off a car’s windshield, momentarily blinding me along the left edge of mine.
I could still see out the front of the windshield, so I moved forward – speed 5-20 MPH? Who pays attention to their speed when going around a bend unless you’re racing?
I don’t think I had moved more than a few inches when suddenly the truck stopped with a lurch. I’m convinced God hit the brakes because in that first second my thought was that something was wrong with the truck.
I glanced down. My foot’s on the brake and no lights are flashing on the dash. Catching movement, I looked back up. There, directly in front of my car, are two older men. The closer one glared at me and I mumbled an apology through the windshield. I was too shocked to think of anything else to do. The windows have to be hand rolled, but I was too scared and upset to think straight. If God hadn’t stopped the truck, I would have run into them!
With my heart racing, I watched them slowly walk across the front of the truck. The guy’s frowning glare now looked more like a pretend startle, almost like he thought I was kidding. Didn’t he see the fear in my face? Did he think I was pretending to get dangerously close just for fun? Was he completely unaware that I could not see them. The older man kept on going, oblivious of their near calamity.
I profusely thanked the Lord, as well as asking for theirs and my safety. By the time I got out my car, they were in theirs and too far away for me to yell my apologies.
From now on I plan to go in via the back way. It’s a little more awkward, but rarely has any pedestrians for me to run over.

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