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Faith Filled Friday: Happenings in March

March 31, 2017

Poetry has never been my forte, but I’ve spent more time writing poetry than my novel. One of the ladies in the Friday morning class commented that she occasionally felt like her prayers weren’t getting past the ceiling. On occasion, I’ve had the same feeling so I wrote a poem. I’m looking for a magazine to submit it to.
I also wrote another poem for my upcoming anniversary–48 years this April!! It’s not quite finished it. I’ll post it on our anniversary.
I submitted a poem to Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest. It will be several months before I hear the results. My husband loves it and thinks it should win something.
April 1 is the last day to enter our 16th annual Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest. We’ll award prizes of $1,000, $250, and 10 Honorable Mentions of $100 each. There’s no fee to enter. Jendi Reiter will judge, assisted by Lauren Singer. You may submit a poem that is either published or unpublished, up to 250 lines. Poets from all countries may enter.

I learned that I just can’t copy and paste all blogs. One of the authors requested that I do a link or delete her articles. I had trouble deleting them and planned to ask my husband,  but forgot. Later, she emailed me that they were still on my site, adding that she gets credit for the clicks to her site and I’m taking that away from her. I hadn’t thought about that part of it. I deleted both of them and emailed her to let her know. She emailed me back with her thanks and that they were both gone. The next time I tried, the delete button was obvious and had them both gone in a few seconds. Maybe the Lord was helping even though I don’t think I asked Him to help.

Jack and I both have been dealing with a persistent dry cough from our allergies. He finally saw the doctor on Thursday and has been started on medication. I’m simply plugging along. I didn’t need to see the doctor – yet. He’s taking his medication and my cough is getting better on its own. Most likely with God’s help!

A friend of mine lost her husband after a mild heart attack. His burial was this past Sunday.

What is the point of all this for a Faith Filled Friday blog? We all go through little things on a daily basis. But how much time do we spend talking with the Lord about them? I used to think there was no need to bother Him with the little stuff, but somewhere along the line I realized He wants and needs to be involved in our daily lives, no matter what the circumstance.
I prayed often for my husband and friend, but didn’t pray about the poem I submitted. Maybe I should have asked the Lord if it was the one He wanted me to enter.
Without God’s help, all those little day-to-day issues could become major. Sometimes I say one prayer about a problem and forget to talk to the Lord about it again. Most importantly, I try to remember to thank Him for all the little things that happen, both good and bad. When I get into my car I thank Him for the weather, even if it’s raining. There have been a few near misses with cars not stopping at the stop sign or traffic light. It’s easy to say a quick thank you for those! However, I rarely thank him when I arrive back home, safe and sound.
Praying about my health is frustrating. Some of the main ones like fibromyalgia and sleep apnea have gone away. I’d love it if the Myasthenia Gravis would get better also, but the Lord hasn’t seen fit to do that yet. Why? Who knows?
Just remember to keep God in your daily life. He likes to hear from his Christian family.

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