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The Best Photo Locations in…

March 19, 2017

Life Unscripted

Why do people have to tell you where to stand to take a great photograph?  I’m not picking on photographers here but this post comes out of a Pin on Pinterest;  the pin was really an advert for a new book:  the topic? The best places to stand in Barcelona to take pictures.  That set off a whole chain reaction of thoughts about why it is we think we need someone else to tell us how to do things “the right way” ?  You’ve been to book stores, surely, where there were entire sections of the store devoted to self-help — how to do anything you can imagine — told to you by … well, that’s always a question isn’t it?  Does the person who’s bold enough to instruct others really know any more than the ones they are instructing?  From past history I’ve discovered that too often they do…

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