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Changing a battery in a 5th Generation iPod!!!!

March 11, 2017

Life Unscripted

I am not the handiest guy.  Never have been.  The thought of tearing apart my several year old iPod in order to replace a battery was almost enough to get me to replace the iPod as “easier” but I refused the urge and tackled the project myself.

It didn’t take long to figure out that batteries WERE available, but nearly as daunting as the actual replacement was the process of figuring out WHICH battery I needed and what the proper directions were to make the replacement.

A quick search online and you’ll find that there are numerous companies that sell iPod replacement batteries.  Most of the ones I found also had their own version of “how to determine which battery to buy” — and most of them seem to involve reading really small print on the back of the iPod.  If you aren’t 20/20 then this may actually be the…

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