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All the Dirt

February 28, 2017

I’ve started writing again! I talked with a local publisher and she’ll send me a quote in a few days. We’ll go from there. This is for the first book I wrote – Dana’s Dilemma. I thought about all the time I needed to do the editing before having it published in the correct font. I hate housework anyway, so the dust will have to wait. I wrote this earlier today and read at my Sertoma meeting this evening. After the laughter died down, we spent fifteen minutes talking everyone’s messes. It’s nice to know I was in such good company. ~ Connie

All the Dirt
by Connie Terpack

I’m truly not a dirty old lady
in the normal usage of that phrase.
But neither think of me as poor as dirt,
not with dust covering the shelves,
cobwebs in the corners and
dust bunnies scurrying across the floor.
With dirt and clutter all around
think of me instead as filthy rich.

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