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Using Oil to Clean Grease

February 25, 2017

Good idea!

Embrace Serendipity

vegetable-oil-in-plastic-bottle a bottle of vegetable oil

I’ve never been happy with my ability to keep a clean kitchen.  I try, I really do.  I can blame it on being a guy; but I know other guys who do much better than I.  Most guys I know aren’t the most fastidious of souls, except for some former Marines I know.

As we have been concerned with getting Serendipity all shipshape to be sold, one of the nagging chores has been to give the galley/kitchen a good scrubbing.  You know how it goes:  you cook in the kitchen and no matter how hard you try some surfaces get this sticky grease residue on them that doesn’t seem to come off no matter how you try to clean it.

My approach to those residues has been to try not to have them occur in the first place. I do all sorts of things to…

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