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Chocolate Kisses and Hearts

February 12, 2017

You need two facts to set this up.
First, I recently read an article that we needed six minutes a day of hugs and kisses. I let Jack know and we thought we got our daily quota without any trouble. I was disappointed they did not include holding hands. Jack and I do that a lot even with 48 years of marriage.
Second, Jack had a stent put in after his heart attack several years ago.
Now to the story –
Friday night my husband and I went to an early Valentine’s dinner at the church. I got the time wrong so we had over thirty minutes to kill before dinner would be ready. My friend Norma sat across from us.
The table was covered with a pink tablecloth. Tart candy hearts were scattered down the center along with a few chocolate Hershey’s Kisses and chocolate hearts.
My husband set a chocolate kiss in front of me. “There’s your kiss.”
I chuckled and explained to Norma about the kisses and hugs article. We carried on our conversation and somewhere along the line Jack took back the kiss.
“You took my kiss. Give me back my kiss.”
My friend laughed at our silliness. The chocolate kiss was out of my reach, and Jack blocked my arm when I tried to get it.
Our antics lasted only a minute and I returned to my conversation with Norma.
I guess Jack was getting bored since we left him out of the conversation. He stretched down the table and picked up a candy heart, tossing it in front of me.
“There’s a heart for you.”
“Oh, how sweet. You’re giving me your heart.”
“Yeh, I hope you bite into the stent.”
I cracked up and had one of my giggle fits.

Today I relayed the story to my youngest son while we were on the phone. I mentioned I hadn’t eat the heart yet.
His quick-witted response: “Good thing. You might chip a tooth on the stent.”

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!  ~ Connie

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