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No Hurry

February 9, 2017

Life Unscripted

nothing-rushedDo you have those times when your body and your mind just decide that something is supposed to happen in a hurry even though there is no rational reason why it should?  I do.  They seem to be a periodic occurrence in my life.  I am not diagnosed as OCD but this particular tendency is the reasons I sometimes joke around about whether or not I am Obsessive Compulsive.

Life has it’s rhythms.  They hum along and like a lot of basic elements in the world we don’t think or talk about them most of the time.  They just are. Nature has her pace, or his pace and everything gets done when it’s supposed to. I remember reading (50 years ago) one of Edward T. Hall’s tomes and thinking about his experience living among the Hopi and Navajo tribes who had no word for future time.  There was no “scheduling”…

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