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Stop Shoulding on Yourself

February 5, 2017

I’m so bad about should I this? or should I that? also. I’m going to read this again and try to implement it in my thinking! ~ Connie

A Writer's Path


by The Novel Mom

Once upon a Grad-School I had a great professor who, at the time, everyone half-discounted because we all thought was “out there and wacky”-as professors can sometimes seem. Most likely because they are alternating between over-caffeinated and slightly drunk to be able to deal with generally impudent and overconfident grad students everyday. (Side Note: I wasn’t one of those…I was in the “vacillates between over-caffeinated and slightly (ok, moderately) drunk boat” through grad school myself)

However, in the clarity that hindsight undoubtedly provides, I realized he was actually borderline genius. Among the many wisdom-bombs he dropped on us during our two-year stint, the one that has stuck with me the most is the phrase “Don’t Should on Yourself.”

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