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What do you say to the person holding the gun?

February 1, 2017

This was posted on Quora and I thought it was delightful. If I’d read this in a book, I would have thought the author was daft. Supposedly this really happened and for as many quirky things that have happened to me over the years, I shouldn’t doubt it. Some robbers are truly stupid. The comment in parenthesis is from the author, but I agree with him. The major flaw I see is that the man’s address would be on the check. Also, I don’t think most criminals are this stupid.  My advice – pray. Or duck and cover. Or pull out a bigger pistol! Enjoy. ~ Connie
What would you say to someone holding a gun to your head to get them to spare you?
Tim Furgerson, Ph.D. Self Reliance, PhD School of Hardknocks
Updated Sat

While this DID NOT happen to me, it happened to a friend of mine about 20 years ago, and I thought it was quick thinking!
During a business trip, he was enjoying the night life of a new city, when a gunman stepped out of an alleyway and demanded his watch and wallet!
My friend looked surprised and exclaimed: “OH MY GOSH! Is that a .38 Smith and Wesson CHIEF SPECIAL?!!!!”
“My dad use to have one JUST LIKE IT! And I’ve been looking for one for TWO YEARS now!…would you sell it?!”
“I only have $40 on me, and you’re welcome to it. But I’ve looked EVERYWHERE for a Chief Special like that! Would you take $900 for it?!”
“I thought you only had $40!”
“That’s all the CASH I have, but I’d write you a check!…would you take a $900 check for it?”
“OH, YEAH!…but, uh, I’m keepin’ the bullets!…is that okay?” (I thought the guy with the GUN, asking permission to keep the bullet, was hilarious!)
“Oh sure, sure! I’m only interested in the Chief Special! Man it looks good!”
And so the deal was made, the check was made out to “Cash”, and he handed over the empty gun and walked off down the alley, and my friend went on his way.
Then my friend stopped payment on the check, and that’s as far as I know that the story went.


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