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The American Hunter

January 23, 2017

The following are a few links I wanted to share with the hunting crowd. Over the years, I’ve learned that responsible hunting is necessary for a healthy herd of deer. It stands to reason that is true of all other hunting. Myself, I’m not interested in hunting, but I do like fishing. The land critters aren’t any easier to catch than the fish!
My husband goes deer hunting in Pennsylvania. Jack did not get a deer this year, but his cousin Dave did. It just so happened to have the biggest rack they had seen – 10 points. It’s brow tines were taller than normal which earned it the name of Too Tall. One of those tines had a twist near the top so he was easy to track over the past three years. Now they’re watching his offspring who have the same odd twist in their brow tine. Dave was gracious enough to share some venison with us. It was so good! ~ Connie

1. A New Dawn For American Sporters
By: Alan Clemons | January 19, 2017
DDH- Deer & Deer Hunting…/new-dawn-american-sport…
Since we all know that it is politics here in this glorious American experiment in self-government that determines our every way of life, particularly our hunting way of life, I am firmly convinced that there is no better time in history than 2017 and beyond.
Today is the night before the 2017 presidential inauguration of Donald J. Trump. Tomorrow, glory, glory hallelujah, American sporters will finally have a friend in the White House, a friend in the driver’s seat of conservation, a man who best understands and respects our hunting lifestyle.

2. This next one is about a human mom trying to do CPR on a fawn that had fallen into their backyard swimming pool. I hope there might be another video to show some sort of follow up. Did the baby adopt his human family? Did he take off and find his mommy?
Watch This Mom Perform CPR On A Baby Tiny Deer That Drowned In The Pool

3. “Why don’t people ride zebras?” Good question. Technically not related to hunting, bu still it’s one of the curious thoughts that come to mind. We’ve tamed horses and elephants, why not zebras? This was from Martyn V. Halm, on Quora, Updated Jun 5.
Why don’t people ride zebras?

4. Deer barges into Maryland home. Quite a headline! Got to admit – it’s nice when the prey comes to you.
White Knuckle Productions WebShow & DVD
Our Christmas wasn’t quite this action packed-How about yours?
Md. teen shoots a buck that stormed into his living room and trashed a Christmas tree
“I’m just glad that I could protect my house and protect myself,” he said.
The White Knuckle Productions site takes you to their web page. I found a bunch of articles I liked! The Md. teen link takes you to the article which has a short video of the deer shaking the Christmas tree.

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