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Faith Filled Friday: Ice Milk or Fully Loaded Banana Split?

January 20, 2017

I met Carol at my rock club meeting the other night. She is planning on moving to this area and was looking for a new rock club to join. We talked for a few minutes and I invited her to visit my church.
Carol explained what she liked in a church and that she preferred the old hymns. I agreed. The newer hymns are nice and some are quite beautiful, but they don’t have the grandeur or the awesome comfort of the old ones.
She went on about her faith, explaining about what she wanted from the preacher. Whenever someone asked her to visit their church, Carol would ask them, “What kind of sermon does your pastor give? Is it like ice milk or a fully loaded banana split.”
I laughed at that. Carol is from the mid-west. Maybe that’s a common expression for her, but for me, it was delightfully different.
In the past, I have visited a few churches that were like ice milk–both the sermon and the people. To me, ice milk meant something thin like sherbet and not the thick rich creaminess of ice cream. I asked her to explain what she meant so I knew we were thinking alike.
Carol said that an ice milk sermon had no life, but the fully-loaded one taught her something, was supportive, and in line with the Bible.
When I first moved to this town I visited several churches near my home. The first one was nice and has since grown considerably over the years. My boss, at the time, went to that church, but while the people were nice and friendly, I didn’t feel the warmth of God’s presence so I never joined. I visited another church and it was okay, but didn’t seem right for me. Calvary Baptist was the third one I went to and I stayed. Pastor Joe was a great pastor. His love for the Lord was clearly evident in his preaching and caring of his congregation.
Pastor Joe retired a number of years ago and Kevin H. was selected as his replacement. Derrick R. had been the assistant pastor, but eventually moved on to start his own church. Some of the congregation followed him.
I missed Derrick’s preaching and recently needed his computer assistance, so I visited his church. It was great to see so many of my old friends again. It’s funny and sad how we easily can lose touch with our friends.
I like the music at both churches. Pastor Derrick’s is more traditional. While Dr. Tom’s is a mix. He has introduced new songs from our regular hymnal and I really like them. My age keeps me from hitting the high notes so hopefully those around me can bear my squawks.
Both pastors preach about the necessity of salvation – asking for forgiveness of our sins and having Jesus to come into our hearts and lives. They each tell great stories from the Bible, often adding some very imaginative examples. Both are animated and move about. Yet their sermons are slightly different and I think Carol’s banana split comparison explains it well. But honestly, I think I’m one of the lucky ones–to have two pastors in my life who each can give a fully loaded sermon!  ~ Connie

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