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12 days of Clink Street Christmas Event: Enemy Series Intro & Review – Rob Sinclair

January 17, 2017

I’ve not read any of these, but they sound good. There are links in this article which sends you to more in the series. I had planned for my Dana books to be a series and this would be a good idea to use with that. As slow as I write, I’m beginning to believe I’m going to be a one-book-wonder. ~ Connie

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Today i’m very  happy to bring you my review of Dance With The Enemy by Rob Sinclair and also a little intro to the series which Rob has kindly written for us.

First off i must say I’ve heard many a good things said about this author by fellow bloggers. I’ve actually had the three books in the series for a little while already so when i heard he would be taking part in the Clink Street Christmas event it was an easy decision for me to pick him as someone i’d like to feature . Word of mouth speaks a lot to me and with so many good comments i just had to buy the series and i’m very glad that I’ve had the time to read/review the first book in the series.

I’ll pass you over to Rob to give you an intro then you can read my…

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