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Should You Pitch (and Sign With) a New Literary Agent? The Pros and Cons

January 12, 2017

Even though this is Part 3, the links are there for 1 and 2. Happy Hunting. ~ Connie

Writers In The Storm Blog

by Chuck Samuchino

BusinesswomanOne of the most common recurring work blog items I get complimented on is my “New Literary Agent Alerts,” a series where I spotlight new/newer literary agents who are open to queries and looking for clients. At writers conferences, a frequent question I get is “Is it OK to sign with a new agent?” This is an interesting question, so let me try to delve into it here.

First of all, let’s look at the CONS:

  • They are likely less experienced in contract and money negotiations.
  • They likely know fewer editors at this point than a rep who’s been in business a while, meaning there is a less likely chance they can help you get published.
  • They are likely in a weaker position to demand a high advance.
  • New literary agents come and some go. This means if your agent is in business for…

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