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Childhood wishes…

January 8, 2017

Handel’s Messiah is included with this so I just had to share it.

Shattered in Him

At forty years-old, I am not sure why it has taken so long for a childhood wish to become fulfilled, but that is just the way it unfolded.   There was a time I played the clarinet in the school band and I was in the district-wide honor band.  In my junior high band, I was first chair and second chair (subsequently, after mandatory try-outs each semester).  In the honor band, I was third chair and fourth chair.  I had some big solos at the Christmas concert and a few other concert performances.

Our school band was able to meet with a few members of the city’s symphony as part of their educational outreach to the community.  We were encouraged to try other instruments during the workshop and we got to listen to professionals play impromptu melodies for us.  I had a dream, all of a sudden, of playing my clarinet…

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