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Too Much Harry Potter?

January 3, 2017

Jack & I both love the Harry Potter movies and don’t care how many times we watch them. They did a marathon of the Harry Potter this weekend so we watched some and recorded some for later.
Last evening we watched from about 8pm until 1am. Both of us were too awake to go to bed, so we each went to our own computer–Jack to his room across the hall and I to mine on the dining room table.
I had just sat down to check emails when I heard a soft noise to my left. I looked toward the sound and watched my iHop receipt slide down from my Kindle cover onto the stack of ads that had come in the mail a few days ago. Those ads partly laid on top of the cover so it looked like the paper was happily going down a playground slide.
I had kept the receipt handy to remind me to do the survey. It was folded in half which made it roughly 5×2”. I figured I must have made a breeze when I sat down which caused it to move.
BUT, the receipt kept moving!
There’s no fan to stir the air. At this point, I wasn’t sure I was even breathing. Was I having a seizure? Should I holler for help? Would Harry Potter come to my rescue?
Amazed, I continued to watch it slowly slide along on the level area of the ads! There was a very brief pause before it started to move again. It stopped again. I kept staring and finally a little orange beetle (like a lady bug) crawled out from underneath it.
I was more surprised that a tiny beetle could make that huge piece of paper move than I was scared of a piece of paper was moving on its own!
Is this what too much Harry Potter can do to a person–let them observe something so strange and think nothing of it?  ~ Connie


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