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Working Dogs honored for their service

December 28, 2016

Pacific Paratrooper

Sgt. Wes Brown & Isky Sgt. Wes Brown & Isky

WASHINGTON — During a routine perimeter check in the desert of Afghanistan, Isky found a roadside bomb. He had come to a complete stop, sitting near the explosive device, patiently waiting for orders from his best friend, Army Sgt. Wess Brown.

The IED – buried two feet deep – was a 120-pound bomb. Isky, a German shepherd military working dog, had just saved countless lives.

For his service, he was honored on Capitol Hill – along with three other dogs – with the first-ever K-9 Medal of Courage. It is the nation’s highest honor for military dogs, acknowledging their extraordinary valor and service, awarded by the American Humane Association.

Isky found at least five deadly IEDs and 10 weapon caches as an explosive-detection dog deployed with Brown in July 2013. The two spent a year protecting U.S. political leaders, including President Barack Obama.

Isky and…

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  1. Thank you very much for showing your viewer what a wonderful job these animals do for us!

  2. I did an interview with a Vet and his dog for our local magazine. I stopped and talked to the guy because his dog was sprawled on the floor and took up the whole aisle! The dog raised his head, looked at me and laid back down. He must have decided I was not a threat. He finally stood up next to his master when a couple other people came. He was much bigger than what I expected for a service dog.
    Have a blessed New Year.

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