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December 26, 2016

Embrace Serendipity

I wanted to share this… just because.

“Noah — waited 120 years before the predicted rains arrived.
Abraham — waited 25 years for a promised son.
Joseph — waited 14 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.
Job — waited perhaps a lifetime, 60-70 years, for God’s justice.

God prepares leaders in a slow-cooker, not in a microwave oven.
More important than the awaited goal is the work God does in us
while we wait. Waiting deepens and matures us, levels our
perspective, and broadens our understanding.  Tests of time
determine whether we can endure seasons of seemingly unfruitful
preparations, and indicate whether we can recognize and seize the
opportunities that come our way.”

— John C Maxwell


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  1. And, St. Peter learned the secret of being content – because waiting involves trust in God.

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