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December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas! This was a beautiful song to start my day. ~ Connie

Annika Perry


For me, Christmas begins with lights. Forget the Christmas cards on display in July – it’s Summer! Their inane presence on the shop shelves in the middle of a heatwave makes me despair. Piped carol music in the shopping centre during October has me shaking my head – it’s just too early and Halloween has yet to be celebrated.

It’s the lights that cause the flutter of excitement in the pit of my stomach as I eagerly clamber to the loft in search of the Christmas lights. Will the previous year’s due care and diligence reap the ultimate reward – will they work?

Brought back down to the warmth of the house I gently unwrap the swaddled star, cocooned for 11 months in the blanket in which my newborn son was brought home from the hospital. The light bulb, submerged in cotton wool, emerges intact. Will it shine, though? By…

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  1. Connie, many thanks for the reblog and warmest wishes to you for the New Year! 😀

  2. You’re most welcome on the reblog and I thank you for the New Year wishes. I wish for you also a happy and blessed New Year!

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