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#DropTheBlanket – A Year Later

December 17, 2016

The Way I See It

untitledHow does a blog post go viral? You just might be surprised. Last December I was watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas’ with my kids, and realized thatLinus drops his blanket,or rather flings it, at the exact moment he says, “fear not” while reciting the Christmas story from Luke 2.

It was fantastic! I had never noticed it before. I wondered, had anyone? I let my kids finish the show, (who am I kidding, they let me finish the show) then after rewinding it a few times I was amazed at the symbolism that had been hiding there for 50 years, and decided it was certainly worth sharing. I took about half an hour to write about it, posted it on my website for my familyand co-workers to read, and went back about my usual business of drinking coffee and doing whatever else it is that I do.

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