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Agents Seeking Submissions

December 17, 2016

The first two are from October, the next two from November, and the rest are this month’s. The list of 14 at the end is also an older post, but it showed up again in my email this week. These are from Chuck Sambuchino. By the time I get ready for an agent my agent list will be ages old! ~ Connie

1. Vanessa Robins of Corvisiero Literary
She is seeking: new adult fiction-all, especially humor; young adult-gritty plots with diverse characters; adult fiction-thought out thrillers, romance with strong female leads, heavily science-based sci-fi, and sports-centric plots; nonfiction-memoirs including coming of age, cultural/ethnic/sexuality, survivor, and humor-themed. Bonus points for medical narratives (characters with medical illnesses and chronic diseases, or MS told through a medical professional’s view point).
2. Amelia Appel of McIntosh & Otis, Inc.
She is seeking: Amelia is looking to represent primarily adult fiction with some YA. For adult, she is most interested in literary fiction, mystery, thriller, historical fiction, science fiction and fantasy, and horror.  Projects with a smart, distinct voice, a fantastic setting to jump into, and/or a witty protagonist are all up her alley. For YA in particular she’s interested in stories with a savvy protagonist and a slightly dark tone that deals with serious coming-of-age issues well.

1. Molly O’Neill of Waxman Leavell Literary Agency
She is seeking: Molly is most actively seeking young adult and middle grade fiction. She is also seeking a select number of children’s illustrators (illustrators who write are especially welcome), as well as authors of kidlit nonfiction for any age group. She also seeks early readers/chapter books, and kidlit graphic novels. She is not currently seeking picture book texts unless the author is also a professional illustrator, a writer of nonfiction, or a direct referral from an industry contact that she knows personally.
2. Ayanna Coleman of Quill Shift Literary Agency
She is seeking: She is looking for middle grade and young adult fiction in all subgenres. Bring her stories with plucky, realistic characters that represent our multicultural society who grow throughout an engrossing plot in a setting that sucks the reader in.

1. Maximilian Ximenez of L. Perkins Agency
He is seeking: Maximilian is actively pursuing clients for both fiction and nonfiction works. In fiction, he is acquiring science fiction, fantasy, horror, and thrillers, particularly cyberpunk and neo-noir as well as books with a uniquely deconstructive bent. For nonfiction, Maximilian is seeking popular science, true crime, and books pertaining to arts and trends in developing fields and cultures.
2. Hannah Fergesen of KT Literary
She is seeking : “I’m looking for young adult and middle-grade, as well as some select adult fiction. In young adult and middle-grade, I’m looking for speculative and contemporary stories, running the gamut from fantasy, mystery, horror, and magical realism to family-oriented dramas, historical fiction, and stories dealing with contemporary issues, such as mental health or addiction. I’m also very interested in finding a good, twisty mystery or suspense. If it’s historical or has a speculative bent, even better. I am into contemporaries with light science fiction elements, as well as pure science fiction with politics and an edge, or a bold reimagining of another time. I’d love to see historical fiction in both young adult and middle-grade. In adult, I want weird and/or lyrical fantasies and speculative mysteries. I’d also love something with a good twist, like DARK PLACES by Gillian Flynn (GONE GIRL less so, but the idea is the same).”

(14 Literary Agents Seeking Science Fiction Novels.)

Chuck Sambuchino
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