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Applying the Mirror Structure to Stories

December 15, 2016

One point that he makes which I never considered was that you have to resolve the ‘starts in the order they appear.’ So if I have three little twists, I can’t resolve the third one before the second? I’ll have to pay attention to other books that I read and see if it always happens that way. I’m still not writing much, but this little tidbit should help me with my block! ~ Connie

A Writer's Path


by S.E. Jones

Again, Mirror structure means:

– Finish what you start

– Resolve the relationship questions that you pose

– Fulfill the promises made to the reader.

But how does this actually work? Well let’s look at these points in more detail.

-Finish what you start:

If your story starts as a mystery, then it finishes when the mystery ends. If it starts as a romance it ends when the romance ends. If it starts with children disappearing then it ends when we know what happened to the children. If it poses a question, it ends when the question is answered.

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