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beaujolais nouveau: rookie of the wine world

December 9, 2016


When Quintessentialwines asked me to partner with them for a post about Beaujolais Nouveau, it was a no brainer. After all, it’s fall, which means two things: I’m watching football and drinking light reds. So as I was watching the Cowboys-Vikings game last week and tasting theBeaujolais Nouveau that was just released, it occurred to me: Beaujolais Nouveau is the rookie of the wine world.

fullsizerenderFirst, let’s start with a little primer on Beaujolais. It’s a small region in France where they make light reds from the Gamay grape. The wines are generally lively and bright, with lots of soft cherry and cranberry fruit.

Here’s the hierarchy: simple Beaujolais, Beaujolais Villages, and excellent Cru Beaujolais. But Beaujolais Nouveau is probably the one you’ve mostly heard about and maybe tasted.Originally, it was just made for local people to celebrate the end of the harvest season.Now, over 35 million bottles…

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  1. I love Beaujolais. (for what it is) For a few years we even celebrated the official release date along with millions of frenchmen and others. Funny the fond memories that arise over a bottle of Beaujolais!

    • Fond memories are nice to have no matter what brings them on.
      I’ve never tried Beaujolais. Jack and I drink wine in spurts. There must be 3-4 nearly empty bottles in the fridge from the past 2 years! We liked them all and I don’t know why we never finished them.

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