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Four Links

December 4, 2016

Several followers have suggested to publish only links instead of the whole article. When the links are there I can do that. If I have to create a link, don’t expect one. My computer skills are rather basic which means I know little more than how to turn it on!
For the last month or so I’ve been posting a lot per day. My apologies for that. I’d prefer to keep it at one a day with an occasional two times; however, in the past I’ve filed away an article that I wanted to share later only to never find it again. There were times I truly believed my ‘enter’ key went rogue and became the ‘delete’ key it always wanted to be.
Since I have several long articles that have been in holding in the dock for over a week, I decided to go with just links today. Everyone has different tastes and it’s impossible to please everyone. I like to post on a variety of subjects while keeping to my main topics – faith, health, and writing. And as many of you know, I love to reblog. If it’s something I find interesting or informative, I figure someone else will also. ~ Connie

The first one is from WebMD.
Best Foods to Eat After a Big Meal

The rest are from Reader’s Digest:

50 Secrets Nurses Wish They Could Tell You  BY MICHELLE CROUCH
I’m glad they included a comment about TV medical shows. It amazes me how wrong they do a lot of techniques even on the ER “reality” shows.
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35 Medical Words You Always Mispronounce  BY MARISSA LALIBERTE
I was surprised at how many I mispronounced throughout my nursing career!
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Here’s the old-school beauty advice these top experts learned from their grandmothers—and still swear by today.
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  1. The tips from grandmas article is wonderful ~ I learned that honey is a tip for scars to help with healing!

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