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The “Nutcracker Swing”

December 3, 2016

I think I’ll use this for a character in a novel. I get a lot of ideas from real life. I truly do need to write faster. Enjoy! ~ Connie

We’ve had this wooden nut bowl for ages. Where it came from is anyone’s guess; probably a Christmas gift from years ago. It’s moved with us and has worked well all these years.
It’s a simple design, looking like a slice of a tree trunk with the bark still attached. The center is raised with four tiny holes to hold the nut meat pics and two slightly larger ones to hold the nutcracker.
Like many of you, I grew up having to crack nuts open. As kids that was part of the fun of eating them. With the weakness in my hands it’s so much nicer to eat them out of a can, but I still crack a few.
The bowl has been in a variety of locations over the years since we’ve lived in this house. Most of the time it’s ignored, silently holding its bowlful of pecans and almonds. We eat a lot of nuts that come out of can. None of us seem interested in cracking our own.
I figured that if it was in the living room, someone would eat them. I put it on the table with a collection of house plants. No one paid any attention to the bowl, even me except when I watered the plants. I moved it to the table the television set was on. It was not in the way of the TV screen, but still remained unused.
We’ve been having trouble with the TV remote being temperamental and I got the brilliant idea that maybe the nut bowl was blocking the signal somehow. Yes, I know. That was highly unlikely, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to move the bowl.
The TV table is small and there was no more room for the nut bowl. A set of Mr. and Mrs. Santa Clause figurines reside on the other end year round.
I moved the nut bowl to the table beside my husband’s chair. One day I noticed the nuts were almost gone. I guess I finally put them were they would be noticed!
A few days later while my husband and I were watching TV, I heard a swish-click, swish-click, swish-click. I looked over and he was absentmindedly flipping the nutcracker while watching the show.
Swish-click, swish-click, swish-click.
“Maybe I should have left the bowl by the TV.”
“No, this is good. I just haven’t done this in ages.”
Swish-click, swish-click, swish-click.
When the show was over, he went to his tinkering room and I was left in peace and quiet.
The next day my son and I are watching a show and it started again. Swish-click, swish-click, swish-click.
An inherited disorder?
Swish-click, swish-click, swish-click.
“You’re dad was doing that yesterday.”
My son chuckled and continued.
A few days later the nutcracker broke while my son was clicking it. I planned to take my time before buying a new one. No such luck. My son is a metal worker. He took the nutcracker out to the shop and speedily got it back in working order. The next day the swish-click, swish-click was back.
They both still do the “Nutcracker Swing,” but I won’t fuss. I know what it’s like to need something relaxing to do. Fortunately, they don’t do it that often.
Oh, for those that are curious–the remote is still ornery about working properly.


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