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What Do Clouds Smell Like?

November 30, 2016

This was an interesting question posted on Quora Digest ·  Science of Everyday Life.  It’s such an odd thing to be curious about, but I decided I needed to know also! I think it will make a wonderful question for one of my characters. I’m not sure who I’ll use it with – either quirky Mrs. Cooper in Cooper’s Mountain or one of the children in my fantasy novel. I have been doing more with my writing the past few weeks, but I’m still much too slow. ~ Connie
What do the clouds smell like?
Dave Chapman
Updated Nov 9

As a skydiver since 1972, I know exactly what clouds smell like, because I have passed through quite a few in my time… the description can be difficult to verbalize, but for the most part I’d describe it as a slightly dusty (sometimes) wet fog.
Edit – Wow…I never expected that my short answer on this would get almost 5000 views and plenty of Upvotes…THANK YOU! It’s difficult to describe smells, especially very subtle ones such as a Cloud (unless said cloud is a big puff of pollution of some sort), so I just did my best to word it so people could relate. I appreciate each & every one of you!

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