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Really Weird – Falling Arrows

November 23, 2016

As everyone knows old houses creak, groan and shift around. This house is no different. However, something really weird happened on Monday.
My husband has a computer in his “Tinkering room.” Often I play solitaire on his computer while I take my morning meds. I finished the hand after getting all my meds down and headed to the kitchen. I was making the sausage patties when I heard a soft noise and thought it was my son moving things around on his desk.
“That’s really weird,” Vaughn said.
“A couple arrows just fell and one’s sticking in the floor. Straight up.”
“Well, don’t move them. I want to get a picture.”
“You just walked there. It’s right in the middle of the doorway.”
Hurriedly, I finished putting the sausage patties on the griddle and washed my hands. My camera was handy on the dining room table so I grabbed it as I passed by. Sure enough, the arrow sticking into the floor would have gone through the top of my head if the timing had been any different. The other arrow way lying next to it.
I snapped a few photos from different angles. One came out totally blurred when the floor fan caught my nightgown and started pulling it in. I jumped and hit the camera button at the same time!
Was every inanimate object out to get me today?
I looked up at the ceiling to see if there was a hole where the arrow might have come through. I had fussed at God earlier but immediately apologized. Seeing the arrow made me wonder if  He was giving me a warning shot. No holes.
How could a falling arrow could stick straight up in the floor? The other was simply lying there and I thought they both should.
I went into my bedroom and got dressed. Jack woke up and I teased him about how his plan failed. Vaughn removed the arrows and put them in a safe place, not wanting any injuries. He told me that arrow was stuck good, and he had trouble pulling it out.
I was sorry Jack didn’t get to see them in real life. He said the arrows were on the top shelf and that the broadhead was very sharp, easily able to stick in the floor.
There are two shelves above his computer desk. The top one slants slightly downward and has small boxes lined up across the front. There is room behind them for several arrows.
How they fell they way they did made no sense to me. The slant pulls the shelf away from the wall about an inch. Even if the arrow was at the very back edge, it still had a tiny uphill roll to make. It probably would have hit the bracket which could have tipped it onto the floor. Was that enough force to make it stick?
If that arrow had been sticking out from the shelf, wouldn’t I have seen it? Could a few more footsteps walking on the floor jostle it out far enough that gravity took over?  Again, would that have been enough force to make it stick?
I don’t have a satisfactory explanation, but I did thank the Lord that no one was hurt.


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  1. funny things happen…. really funny things.

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