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A Politically Incorrect Thanksgiving Poem

November 23, 2016

Andrew & Sarabeth


This Thanksgiving falls sixteen days after the presidential nomination.

Some rejoice the results while others bemoan the abomination.

Verbal shots will be taken and friends will fall prey

to the slander and abuse that will take place on this day.

No longer will just the blood of turkeys be spilled

but those of our family and friends as our bellies are filled.

Instead of giving thanks around the table this year

Americans one and all will incite loathing and fear.

“You tree-hugging liberal skank,” some will abhor.

And on the table’s opposite: “You racist republican whore.”

They’ll start off as groans and hard-to-hear mumbles

as the potatoes boil they’ll become audible grumbles.

Eye-rolls will turn into daggers shot hard

as all await the first to play the dreaded Trump card.

The stuffing will be dished with fingers stiff and pointing

mocking the cabinet Trump is appointing.

But let’s not forget those who voted for a party…

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