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22 Cybersecurity Descriptions

November 19, 2016

For the next few months, weekly writing tips will include word choice suggestions. That includes:

  • colorful and original descriptions
  • pithy words and phrases
  • picture nouns and action verbs
  • writing that draws a reader in and addicts them to your voice

I keep a  collection of descriptions that have pulled me into the books. I’m fascinated how authors can–in just a few words–put me in the middle of their story and make me want to stay there. This one’s on how to describe cybersecurity stuff.

A note: These are for inspiration only. They can’t be copied because they’ve been pulled directly from an author’s copyrighted manuscript (intellectual property is immediately copyrighted when published).

cybersecurityCybersecurity (and cyberwarfare)

  1. Crack the encryption
  2. free web email site thru an anonymizing proxy
  3. receives its instructions hidden in files on the auction site
  4. Cell D receives its message via IRC in channel #satanic_verses.
  5. Each email sent is…

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