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Wine and Beer to Drink for Thanksgiving

November 18, 2016

This is not what I normally think about for our Thanksgiving menu, but there probably are a lot that do. My husband and son have a few beers that they like and will drink irregardless of the holiday. This article is from a blog I follow–Just a Pinch Recipes By Kitchen Crew. The one that truly surprised me was Pumpkin Beer. I guess you can make beer from anything, but I highly doubt my guys would try it, no matter how much they like pumpkin pie! I hope you all have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving. ~ Connie

Ever wondered what beers and wines you should have on hand for Thanksgiving? Well here’s the answer to help keep your guests “hydrated”!

1. Pinot Noir – This is a red wine that will pair perfectly for the whole meal, from the turkey to the fixings. The fruity and tart flavors are delicious for your Thanksgiving meal.
Favorites: Julia James Pinot Noir ($13/bottle) and Mark West Pinot Noir ($11/bottle)

2. Chardonnay – Slight creaminess and full body, Chardonnay is a great go-to white wine for Thanksgiving.
Favorites: Salmon Run Chardonnay ($12/bottle) and Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay ($17/bottle)

3. Riesling – If you’re looking for a fruity and light wine, this is it! Go for a dry Riesling, it is sweet without tasting exactly like white grape juice.
Favorites: Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling ($9/bottle) and Trimbach Dry Riesling ($17/bottle)

4. Malbec – A fuller bodied red wine compared to the Pinot Noir – really it’s just medium-bodied – but this is the ideal wine for colder weather.
Favorites: Cupcake Vineyards Malbec ($14/bottle) and McKinley Springs Horse Heaven Hills Malbec ($24/bottle)

5. Zinfandel – No, not White Zinfandel…that’s way different! This spicy, peppery red wine with subtle fruity flavors is a delicious pairing for Thanksgiving dinner.
Favorites: Big Smooth Old Vine Zinfandel ($18/bottle) and Ravenswood Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel ($13/bottle)

1. Pale Ale/IPA – This isn’t for your average beer drinkers, those who love craft beer will want Pale Ales and IPAs. Don’t forget to have a few of these on hand!
Favorites: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale ($9/12oz 6 pack) and SweetWater Brewing Company IPA ($8/12oz 6 pack)

2. Pumpkin Beer – Umm…it’s pumpkin beer. Need we say more? It’s a delicious pairing for Thanksgiving dinner because you get even more yummy pumpkin flavor!
Favorites: Whole Hog Pumpkin Ale ($8/12oz 4-pack) and Cambridge Brewing Company Great Pumpkin Ale ($8/22oz bottle)

3. Cider – For those who aren’t big on beer, cider is a lifesaver. Light, fruity and delicious, we can guarantee guests will be happy you have this adult apple juice on hand!
Favorites: Smith & Forge Hard Cider ($16/12 pack) and Magners ($11/6 pack)

4. Pilsner – This is a beer that guests can drink all day and not get filled up. It’s light, will keep everyone standing and everyone likes this beer.
Favorites: Oskar Blues Mama’s Little Yella Pils ($10/12oz 6 pack) and Scrimshaw Pilsner ($10/12oz 6 pack)


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