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Finally, a Custardy Bread Pudding

November 16, 2016

I love bread pudding also. My mother made it with all the heels left over. She’d freeze them until there was enough for bread pudding or to stuff a turkey. Of course, our raisins were never soaked in bourbon, but I plan to use this recipe the next time I make break pudding.

Embrace Serendipity

I have shared, in the past, my love of bread pudding.  I mean, what’s not to like:  bread, egg custard, sweet & unctuous sauce, plump raisons.  It’s become a family joke that if there’s bread pudding on a restaurant menu I’m most likely going to try it out. Even if I’ve eaten too much to begin with .  NOT SMART — but that’s what compulsions are all about, aren’t they?  I really have to try living that saying,

Life’s Short, 
Eat Dessert First

My problem — and it’s been a problem — is finding bread pudding with enough  egg custard in the recipe to suit my taste.  Which is to say I like a bread pudding which has thoroughly saturated the bread, where the custard serves to hold the bread pieces together.  Of course any bread pudding is only as good as the bread, and too many recipes were designed…

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