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On the shelves!

November 15, 2016

It is a good feeling to see your book on the shelf. It’s like I’ve accomplished something. I wish I had more than one published, but more importantly I wished my book moved off the shelf into anxious hands!

Patricia Johns

It’s always excited when my book hits the shelves. You work so hard for so long on a single book, and then there is the wait until it’s released. Writing is definitely an exercise in delayed gratification!

But this book has been released, and you can find it wherever Harlequins are sold!


And here it is again…


It’s so thrilling to have a book on the shelves, and yet it makes me feel a little shy at the same time. It’s there... I haven’t walked into a bookstore and told them that I’m the author yet, and this is my seventh Harlequin release. I don’t know why! Let’s just say that being the author behind the keyboard is far less daunting. Chalk it up to that novelist personality.

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  1. Thanks so much for the share! And congratulations on your novel, too! I appreciate how much work that is… SO much work!

    • Thanks. Bad thing is my book has been out for a few years and has sold less than 50 copies. The story itself is good, maybe not the greatest, but a nice quick read which I like. They did a great job on the cover so it got a lot of attention. However, the publisher thought a 9-font was a good idea and you can’t read it. I guess he figured since it was my first book I’d pay to have it resized. He figured wrong. It wasn’t my fault and no one from their little publishing house emailed me about the “mistake.” I’ll be using someone else from now on. So they lost my future business as well.
      You’re right about the work. I thought writing would be fun and relaxing. I’m retired, but some days feel as if I’m back at work!

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