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May 1944 (2)

November 15, 2016

Pacific Paratrooper

Fuel drums being unloaded on Biak Fuel drums being unloaded on Biak

9 May – per a request from MacArthur, Gen. Kenney went to Finschaven for a conference with the the 6th Army, 7th Fleet and Allied Air Forces to discuss Biak, New Guinea.  It became a bit heated when the 6th Army’s supply staff said that making Biak an objective was impractical and there was no way of getting matériel ashore.  Kenney replied that the Japanese had put 8-10,000 troops and equipment for 3 airfields.  Adm. Flechtler said he wasn’t worried about getting everything ashore. Kenney reminded Gen. Krueger that Mac got them together to decide how to carry out the operation, not when or if they should.

Maffin Bay and airfield Maffin Bay and airfield

16-17 May – The US Army’s 41st and 6th divisions landed on northern New Guinea in the Wadke-Toem area with Kenney’s 5th Air Force giving support.  These operations went so successfully, MacArthur decided…

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