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A few reasons

November 14, 2016

We’ve only been to Texas once and I enjoyed it. I have several family members there. After my visit, I decided to use Texas as a backdrop for ‘Jordan’s Justice’–the next book I’ll get working on.

Life Unscripted

For a change we aren’t 20 miles away from a grocery store!  I thought today I’d chat a little about what we like about this neck of Texas.   I mean, everyone’s gotta be somewhere, so why should we seem to favor the Rio Grande Valley?  For one thing we’re told (we haven’t counted them ourselves) that there are close to 500 RV parks in the area between Mission Texas and Brownsville Texas.  There is no lack of places to stay here.  And with that sheer number of parks a person ought to be able to find SOME PLACE that holds at least some appeal.   Assuming that you’re good with the weather and the social climate.

the-rgv We like our place in Los Fresnos because we’re centrally located.

I mentioned last time we were here that this is not a particularly diverse area.  about 84% of the resident population is…

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