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Why I voted for Trump

November 8, 2016

Money and Wealth
What kind of reason is that might be your first question! Donald is used to handling large amounts of money. He knows its power and can recognize a good buy. Sure he lost a fortune, but he capably rebuilt it. Donald has respect for money and doesn’t let it rule him. He understands its power and knows its weaknesses.
The Obamas were dirt poor most of their lives and look what they did when they finally got around money that wasn’t theirs. Michelle went extravagant on clothes for herself and her daughters. She took trips and didn’t care that she went over budget. Obama himself put us in a trillion dollars worth of debt and sold some of that debt to one of our enemies. Not a good buy. His health care plan is his legacy, but a poor one at that. Other countries that use the same plan do not like it, but that didn’t stop Obama from pushing it through. Did it hold up to his promise of being cheaper? No. Does it provide better coverage? No.
Hillary has promised to follow in Obama’s footsteps. That means she will continue to raise taxes, spend on questionable programs, and give to our enemies. Hillary is hoarding her fortune, so you can expect her to use our tax dollars unwisely.

Being a Businessman
The news media and Hillary’s campaign say that Trump is inexperienced. Does being a failed lawyer or a lifelong politician make you any more qualified?
Trump knows business. Why shouldn’t this country be run like a business? Aren’t most businesses designed to make a profit? Trump knows the people who can make a business more efficient. He will hire people who can do the job, not simply people who were owed a favor.
Obama had little to no experience prior to his being put into the office. He was a “Community Organizer” which covers a lot of vague territory. He served in the Senate for a short while, but from what I read, he did nothing.
Hillary has been in politics for years, but has accomplished little in all that time. I guess she was waiting until her turn to become president to do all the fantastic things she talks about.

He’s an American
Granted Hillary is too, however Obama probably is not; but that’s going to be debated long after his death. Neither one of them talks about America the way Trump does. Trump is not ashamed to display the American flag nor say the Pledge of Allegiance. He believes in the Constitution. Under him, I’ll get to keep my freedom of religion and right to own a gun.
Obama doesn’t like America’s imperialism. Hillary talks about loving America, but I don’t hear the sincerity in her voice. Do you remember the mess she left the White House in after her husband’s last term was up? How can you claim to be proud of America yet destroy and rob one of its symbols? How can you let four Americans die and ask “What does it matter?”

His Own Man
The latest media fuss has been Trump’s bad choice of words. So what? Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Remember that childhood rhyme? Words can be hurtful. I’ve had enough hurled at me over the years, but they didn’t matter because I knew better. Trump used typical locker room talk and male bragging. No big deal. I noticed the other guy didn’t have his comments recorded. Certainly, his response would have been along the same vein. Then those women lied about Trump’s sexual integrity, making him sound like the old horn dog Bill Clinton is.
Obama has made it plain that he doesn’t like Christians or whites, but the press doesn’t bring out those comments and puts down anyone who does. Hillary has a potty mouth and treats others as inferiors. It was obvious Hillary was annoyed with being harassed about her inaction with Benghazi. She got bent out of shape and hollered out her infamous question. Those men were dead and of no further importance to her. What does it matter? She was not about to have her presidential quest be put off because of something so inconsequential. Four American lives lost. What does it matter?
That incident alone should have been enough to keep Hillary out of the White House, but the media made it seem that others were wrong and not Hillary.
Hillary was caught in a big lie and merely said, “I misspoke.” No apology, or even an admission that she actually lied. If she’ll lie about minor things, how much more will she lie about important things? At least Trump had the decency and courtesy to apologize for his “misspoke.”

Earned Respect
Trump is know world-wide and had earned the respect of the people around him. He has helped many people and businesses over the years. He always got good press until he started to run for office. Suddenly the media had nothing good to say about him. I don’t believe Trump changed overnight, but I do believe the media did. They always side with the liberals which is why I don’t respect the media anymore. They can’t be bothered with telling the truth or giving you both sides fairly. There are a few news broadcast stations and newspapers that still give an unbiased picture, but unfortunately they aren’t seen by the majority of people. Hillary demands respect, or maybe just obedience; but I don’t see that she’s earned it. When someone is disrespectful of me, I will be polite and follow protocol, but I have no respect for them. I have no respect for Hillary and don’t want her in the highest office in our land.

I do have a few more reasons for voting for Trump, but selected these. I’m praying that God will let Trump win. I hate to see our country destroyed by the very people who are supposed to be protecting it and helping it prosper. ~ Connie

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