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Don’t Use The Full Hour

November 8, 2016

I thought this was a clever idea. I don’t have much to schedule since retiring, but I might do 7 minutes for housework then another 7 minutes for a workout then 4 hours of rest time for reading, napping, or writing. Don’t worry. I’ll include time for cooking, eating, talking on the phone with my friends, and doing my blog. ~ Connie

by Sarah Peck,  The Weekly Newsletter

Most of our default settings look to the top of the clock to start anything.
Meetings go for an hour. We block off time for our commitments in hour-long chunks. Even exercise gets its own hour, even if we actually only do 10 minutes of it.
If you think of time in hour-long chunks, you only have so many hours.
Look up at the clock, it’s 12:34pm. Are you waiting until 1:00pm to start the next meeting or task?
Instead of expanding your thinking to fill up each hour, how can you whittle down tasks to take 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or 7 minutes?
Some experiments worth trying:
A daily workout could take as little as 7 minutes.
Writing a blog post can be done in 10 minutes. Set the timer.
Meetings can start at 11:05am, or 11:10am, and run for only 10 minutes. (Occasionally I like to schedule phone calls to start at odd intervals to see how people are with punctuality).
My husband likes to do pushups every time the printer runs. It’s only 60 seconds a few times per day, but it adds up to a lot of pushups.
If you’re not getting it done because you don’t have enough time; why not make less time available for it?

What’s your routine? What are your habits and ways of being? Leave a note in the comments below, or write a post about your own routine.


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