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The three elements of success

November 7, 2016

Cristian Mihai

There are three elements to becoming succesful in any given area.

Motivation: I also like to call it willpower. You simply want to get from point A to point B.

You want it. You are driven. You are willing to go the distance.

It’s that inner passion, impossible to describe. It’s the flame that burns you unless you use it.

Inspiration: Also known as the muse. The idea. The thing you know is going to work and makes you all giddy inside.

It’s like a sort of intelectual ecstasy.

In art or business or life, we sometimes get these Evrika! moments. We get and idea and our motivation increases.

Now, these two, we all have. Sadly, they come and go. They may be enough to get you to finish writing a novel that you think it’s brilliant, or start a business, or join a gym.

Will power alone…

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  1. I saw this in a TV ad. It must have given Cristian the idea!

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