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Too Old to Start a New Business?

November 2, 2016

These are two success stories from a magazine I borrowed from my sister. It’s called Amac Advantage magazine, Fall 2016. I visited both and liked each of them.  Me starting a writing career at the ripe old age of 62 was enough of an adventure! ~ Connie

Barn Mill Plaques
After retiring from a career in public education, Dorrel Harrison turned a lifetime of interest in woodworking, photography, and local history into a highly acclaimed business venture. He creates plaques featuring barns, houses, churches, mills and storefronts using recycled stock barn board (usually a 4” x 24” piece). These plaques capture the details of the original structure through the application of Dorrel’s artistic touch. His customers are typically individuals who have personal or emotional connection to the original structure, one that Dorrel helps preserve for them via his Indiana-juried skill set. Now in his 70s, Dorrel is moving full steam ahead, making people happy and winning recognition at the highest levels of Indiana State’s artisan leagues.

Pet Lodge and Spa
In 2012, Sandy and Bill Metcalf made a life decision to leave the comfort of retirement to embark on what has proven to be a fascinating journey for them. Bill had been a career electrical engineer, and Sandy had been a Human Resources specialist with a strong background in banking, sales, and customer service. They’ve created a professional pet lodging, daycare, and grooming facility from scratch in Leesburg, Florida. it has become recognized as a place where customers can rest assured that their pets (family member, after all) will receive the care and attention they need while away from home. The reputation they’ve built as a quality pet care facility has created a portfolio of satisfied customers, and has resulted in a strong sense of purpose for the Metcalfs.


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