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Who is Kim Rhode?

November 1, 2016

This story is from Amac Advantage magazine, Fall 2016, and written by D.J. Wilson. The magazine is published by the Association of Mature American citizens. I haven’t heard much about her and was surprised how much she has accomplished. ~ Connie

Who is Kim Rhode? If you haven’t heard of his American double trap and skeet shooter champion, you’re not alone. Would it surprise you to learn that she is a six-time Olympic medal winner, including being the only woman to win 3 individual Olympic gold medals in shooting? The well-decorated female athlete is the first US Olympian to qualify for an Olympic team on 5 different continents. In addition, she is the first woman and second athlete overall to earn an individual medal in six straight Olympics. Rhode possesses three gold, one silver, and two bronze medals; one bronze medal was earned in the most recent 2016 Rio Olympic games.
Kimberly “Kim” Susan Rhode was born in Whittier, California in 1979. The young sport hunter started competing in skeet shooting at the age of 10, with her father as her coach. Kim’s natural ability to hit targets launched her into becoming a champion. In 1995, she won her first World Cup medal; Double Trap Bronze in Seoul, South Korea. her first World Cup gold medal was pocketed in 1995 in Lonato, Italy.
In addition to her Olympic record, Rhode is a 14-time USA Shooting National Champ and a 28-time World Cup Medalist, including four World Cup Finals medals. With a lengthy list of accomplishments, accolades, and competitions won, she is considered to be one of the best female shooters in history.
Rhode is so gifted, that when women’s double trap was dropped after the 2004 Olympics, she switched to Olympic skeet and won a silver medal in Beijing.  Both are shooting sports. In double trap, participants use a shotgun to attempt to break clay disks flung away from the shooter at high speed. Two targets are released simultaneously and rise and move away at various angles. The shooter gets one shot at each target. In skeet, the shooter attempts to break clay targets mechanically flung into the air from two fixed stations. They come at high speed from a variety of angles. Skeet simulates the flight of a bird, but has more crossing targets and some double targets. Rhode has what it take to excel in both sports, which require different skill sets. In the 2012 Summer Olympic in London, Rhode locked in the gold for skeet shooting, creating an Olympic record score of 99 and tying the world record in this event.
In the 2016 Rio Olympics, Rhode made it easily through the qualifying round. Rhode, representing the USA, and Wei Meng of China both hit 15 of 16 targets in the bronze medal round. After missing a target on the first round shoot off, the pressure was on. Meng also missed the target. Meng missed another on her fourth round, while Rhode remained steady to lock-in a bronze medal win. Of her win, Rhode said,”…it doesn’t matter if it’s the fold, silver or the bronze. It’s the journey.”

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