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What Is Your Sleep Animal?

October 31, 2016


I have always been a diva when it comes to sleep. As a boy, I never wanted to have sleepovers because I would want to go to bed early when everyone else wanted to hangout until dawn. One prime example was my 7th birthday, when I left my party early (which was in the basement) to go sleep in my bedroom, leaving my Mom to entertain 10 sugar-crazed boys. For the same reasons, I didn’t like going to overnight camps or camping in a tent where I knew adequate sleep would escape me. In my young mind, the boys who could sleep anywhere were the boys who grew up to be the cool guys. They were the guys who could close out a party, watch a movie marathon, and go for a midnight swim. I was always in bed before my parents (even in the weekends) and I still…

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  1. Interesting prospective, for me sleep is over rated, now saying that i’ve been awake for sometime, i awoke this afternoon, which i had thought was morning.. Only sleeping six hours.. An now spent the day looking for where i locked my BMX, an now have to come back tomorrow or the next day…

    An fighting to stay awake, hell i don’t know why… O-Yeah didn’t bring blankets, or i would be sleep in any door, within minutes…

    i got side track,

    Hugs chris

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