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What Do You Look for in Character Code Consistency?

October 30, 2016

Legends of Windemere

Yahoo Image Search (D&D Alignment Chart) Yahoo Image Search (D&D Alignment Chart)

You ever read a story and the character does something that seems out of place?  Maybe the noble hero flat out killed someone for insulting him.  Perhaps the villain laid waste to an entire town and left the school alone even though he swore every man, woman, and child would die.  There are various reasons this can happen, but it can really throw a reader off.  These abrupt and isolated changes of moral alignment can break a book if done at the major climax.  This is why an author has to always remember the essence of a character and their experiences.

Though it can always go down the drain if the reader has a different perspective and mindset for the hero.  For example, I once got into a debate with someone over Spider-Man.  He maintained that it was ridiculous for Spidey to avoid killing…

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